Canada's Labour Minister discusses occupational health and safety with the Canadian Welding Bureau

The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Labour Minister, met with members of the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) to discuss occupational health and safety and employment equity.
“Everyone has a role to play when it comes to promoting safe and healthy workplaces across Canada. That is why we work with provincial and territorial representatives, and employer and employee organizations, to promote the importance of occupational health and safety,” said Minister Raitt.

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Advances in Filtration Media

The type of filtration media used in an air filter is the first step to ensuring an efficient filter design. One method for improving filter efficiency is through the use of nanofiber technology. Nanofiber has an ultra-fine fiber diameter that can be added to filtration media, typically made from paper-like materials, to enhance efficiency of the media while still keeping it open for higher air flow. 

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