Industrial Electronic Air Cleaner

self contained electronic air cleaner

The MK2400 Air Cleaners are Industrial Electronic Air Cleaners that can be installed for general ventilation or ducted for source capture. They are highly effective for the removal of smoke, dust, fumes and oil mist down to a size of .01 micron. The units incorporate a lifelong filtration system that only needs to be washed. There are no throwaway filters.

The MK2400 Air Cleaners are engineered and manufactured under the strictest of quality control standards offering customers these benefits:

  • Lower Energy Costs by recycling heated or cooled air as opposed to exhausting.
  • Reduce Absenteeism and Turnover by providing a healthier, safer work environment for all hands-on personnel. Office personnel will also be protected from drifting, irritating pollutants.
  • Increase Productivity and Accuracy due to a much more comfortable breathing environment.
  • Prevent Contaminant Buildup on Surrounding Equipment and reduce maintenance time.
  • Meet Government Regulations for indoor air quality and avoid costly penalties.

Typical applications for the MK2400 are:
Brazing, Cold Forming, Dust, Wire Drawing, Heat Treating, Milling, Gear Cutting, Machining, Oil Mist, Plasma Cutting, Plastic Forming, Quenching, Welding Smoke, Wet Grinding, Soldering, Rubber Grinding, Rubber Forming, and Induction Heating.

mk 2400 detail

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