ESE HandHeld Welding Smoke Extractor


The Enviroflex Smoke Extractor (ESE) is a lightweight, suitcase sized air cleaner that is very easy to carry. The contaminant is trapped at the source, thus maximizing the protection to the operator by removing contaminant before it enters the operators breathing area. The unit recycles clean air back into the building eliminating additional heating or cooling costs. Ideal for the maintenance and repair welding industries this handheld fume/smoke extractor is equipped with the following features:

  • The unit has been designed to accommodate an optional charcoal filter to eliminate various gases after the particulate has been collected.
  • Standard 15 ft. hose comes with the unit with the option to purchase 25 or 50 foot lengths.
  • High efficiency washable filter and optional throwaway paper filter or HEPA filter for Hexavalent Chromium fumes when welding stainless steel.
  • Portable and easy to manoeuvre to accommodate use in hard to reach places.
  • Ideal for the collection of various hazardous airborne particulates such as asbestos, stainless steel, silica, carbon dust, fibreglass, galvanized steel, lead oxides etc.
  • Available with one or two motors (120 volt 50/60HZ ) – 4 standard vacuum models to choose from for nozzle applications and 4 higher vacuum models to choose from for smoke exhaust MIG gun applications.
  • Optional stainless steel cabinet suitable for use in corrosive environment e.g. salt mine or salt water atmosphere.
  • Multiple nozzle options include 3” or 8” wide with base, magnet and metal flex duct.
  • Optional ‘Y’ connector is used to run two stations from a single unit.

Washable Filter, Prefilter(EF100) and HEPA Filter (EF200), pair of Charcoal Filters (ECF 100), EN3 Nozzle, ENT 3 Nozzle-3” wide, ENT 8 Nozzle-8” wide, EY1 ‘Y’ Connector, Smoke Exhaust MIG Guns

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