University of Alberta –Department of Biological Sciences – Dinosaur Palaeobiology

The Dinosaur Paleobiology Department of the University of Alberta use mechanical and chemical methods to break down rock when studying dinosaur fossils. In so doing, fumes and fine rock powder are released into the air in the lab. This could have an adverse effect on the biologists and researchers involved in the project.

The technicians and biologists needed to come up with a method for extracting the harmful fumes and dust from their breathing area because the powder created by pneumatic scribes contains silica. They researched various fume extraction alternatives and contacted Enviroflex.

The University selected the Enviromac because it offered multiple filters and flexible intake arms. The Enviroflex system also includes a screen over the hood which ensures that large rock chips would not enter the mechanism and cause damage thus only pulling harmful dust into the filters.  The Enviroflex system is easy to maintain and the filter is simple to remove and clean.
The University is quite pleased with the overall product quality and service provided by Enviroflex. They know they are working with a durable product that holds its value and can be adapted for use elsewhere in the lab. After 5 years of use, the system continues to work well and their work environment is much cleaner and healthier.

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