Top quality air filtration systems for welding and laboratory applications.

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ESE HandHeld Welding Smoke Extractor

Lightweight and easy to carry. Throw away, washable, HEPA filter available.

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Fume Snorkel Extraction Arms

Source capture products. Available in multiple lengths and diameters

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Industrial Electronic Air Cleaner

Effective removal of particles down to .01 micron

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Allegro Blowers and Heaters

Metal, axial, and industrial plastic ventilation blowers and heaters

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Myking Welding Products

Electrode holders, ground clamps, panel connectors.

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Fume and smoke extractors for welding, laboratory, and industrial markets

1Enviroflex manufactures top quality air filtration systems for welding and laboratory applications.

2Our fume extraction equipment operates under the source capture principle. This maximizes the protection to workers by removing welding smoke, welding fumes and laboratory fumes before they get into the operators breathing area.

3Our smoke and fume extraction systems are reliable, durable and competitively priced. Enviroflex is known for excellence in customer service and technical support.

4Our products are marketed through a variety of distributors in the United States and Canada.


Replacement parts for all Enviromac products

Servicing the following markets:

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